1 Holy
2 You're The Holy One
3 Overflow
4 We Pray For More

About Album

“Overflow” is a profoundly moving and spiritually uplifting worship album by Aremmic and Joy Adejo, featuring the collective talents of Gathered Worship. This album invites listeners into a sacred space of devotion, praise, and gratitude through a seamless blend of heartfelt lyrics, ethereal melodies, and passionate vocals. With tracks like “Overflow,” “Holy,” “You Are the Holy One,” and “We Pray for More,” it offers a powerful reminder of God’s boundless love and grace. This worship album is a source of inspiration and spiritual renewal, encouraging listeners to connect deeply with their faith and experience the abundant blessings of God’s presence. “Overflow” beautifully showcases the profound impact of music in elevating the soul and fostering a deeper connection with the divine.

Song by Joy Adejo and Aremmic ft. Gathered Worship

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