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Origin: Osun State, Nigeria.

Musical Journey: Rooted in a Christian household, Aremmic’s love for music blossomed under the guidance of his choir director father, growing up in Kaduna. The youngest of four siblings, he initially found this rhythm through conga drums, evolving into a versatile musician exploring various instruments.

Musical Awakening: His relocation to Ibadan during his teenage years marked the beginning of Aremmic’s singing journey. Recognised for the unique timbre of his voice at Thomas Adewumi College, he was encouraged to refine his singing skills.

Collegiate Years: From 2009 to 2014, Aremmic continued his musical exploration at Covenant University in Ota, contributing as a dedicated member of the university choir.

Post-College Decision: Fueled by passion, Aremmic embraced a professional musical path. Serving as a backup for renowned artists like Roland Ricketts & Sought Out and Freke Umoh solidified his presence in the gospel music scene.

Personal Life: Beyond the stage lights, Aremmic finds harmony in the embrace of his beautiful family – wife Lara Myra Ajetomobi and a precious daughter – exemplifying the fusion of family and melody in his life’s journey.

Musical Essence:

  • Style: Gospel
  • Notable Features: Soul-stirring melodies, powerful vocals, Worship
  • Fan Base: Growing local following
  • Spiritual Essence: Embodying the depth of faith, Aremmic’s music creates an uplifting experience.

Notable Releases:

  1. Overflow:
    • A profoundly moving and spiritually uplifting worship album by Aremmic and Joy Adejo, featuring the collective talents of Gathered Worship.
  2. Raise A Sound:
    • From moments of quiet introspection to triumphant anthems of praise.
  3. The Best:
      • Tender melodies intertwine with Aremmic’s passionate vocals, celebrating the God as a source of boundless love and grace.

Experience the Journey: Join in on the soulful journey with Aremmic as he orchestrates a symphony of life’s beautiful melodies!  #MusicIsLife #LifeJourney #FamilyAndMelody

Latest Releases


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A life that reverberates with worship – a journey interwoven with familial harmony, marked by courage in the face of change, and celebrated through the universal language of worship music.


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